The Walking School Bus!

The Trottibus Walking School Bus of the Canadian Cancer Society is a pedestrian bus that allows elementary school children to walk to school safely under supervision.


What is the Trottibus?

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What is the Trottibus?

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a Trottibus

Trottibus - Personnages

Combine success factors

Rallying around a common goal is the key! We need volunteers to walk, people to organize, and of course, children to participate!


Organize walking routes

Always start at the same time and place and walk along roads that are densely populated.


Promote the Trottibus Walking School Bus

Entertain children with a classroom visit and inform parents that the Trottibus Walking School Bus has come to the school.

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the Trottibuss

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2 ways to get on board
the Trottibus

The pedestrian bus is a simple and safe way to be active on a daily basis. Get on board a Trottibus Walking School Bus today!


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Let your child discover the pleasure of walking with friends and adopting good habits for life!

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Accompany children
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